Thursday, October 2, 2008

I need some creative Genius!

Ever since last Halloween when Jonah was Spiderman he said that this year he wanted to be Batman and since I was pregnant at the time he wanted the baby to be a superhero too so I thought it would be fun for Ryker to be Robin but I was looking at costumes on line and the cheapest infant Robin costume was $20 which isn't so bad but if I got that and Jonah's which I'm sure will be at least $20 too that's already $40 and I'm not too crazy about spending that for one night of use, although I'm sure Jonah will dress like Batman everyday for about 3 weeks, so that's why I feel a little better about spending money on his costume but for Ryker I was thinking about making it but I'm not sure how to do it so people know that he's supposed to be Robin and not just a baby wearing green and red. So does anyone who's creative have some good suggestions?

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Kelsey said...

Well looking at the pictures of the costumes of Robin you could have him wear a red onsie and green pants and long sleeve shirt with a cape. Have you ever used an iron on fabric applique? You could buy some cheap yellow fabric and cut out the other pieces and glue or applique them on? Like HeatnBond. In fact I have a huge roll of it- I could mail you some if you want since I know you don't have a lot of stores to choose from there. You could even use some construction paper and just tape it on the shirt? Maybe foam or felt? Felt might work good for a belt? I'd also paint a black mask on him. I think they have washable markers??? I dunno how you feel about this. Am I sounding crazy? Sorry. Hope you find a solution.

Just send me a message on Facebook if you'd like some of the HeatnBond. I'm not kidding!