Monday, October 20, 2008

Moved In

Hooray! we have finally moved in to our own place! It feels so nice to have my own things out and the kids absolutely love having their toys! well we were going to buy a house but that didn't happen and I think it was actually a good thing since we are planning on moving next summer anyway. so we're living in a trailer now and it's not bad. It smelled a little funky at first but we shampooed the carpets and I cleaned EVERYTHING! It took a few days to get the place clean enough to start moving our things in from the storage unit but we finally did and now we only have a handful of things left to unpack! Ryker loves being able to crawl and explore the whole house and Jonah likes having his stuff out, like his costumes and pirate treasure, and swords all he ever wants to do is play, he always asks me "what can we do?" which really means what can we play. Luckily with all his toys I can just say go look in your room for something to do and he's busy for a long time! Moving is so much work! after living in a real house in San Antonio for a year I didn't realize how much stuff we had until we were unpacking and trying to figure out where to put everything in the trailer, but we got most of it put away some things are crowded in but it will do until we move again! It just feels so nice to have a place to call "home".


The Waldon Family said...

Yay! That must be such a good feeling. We miss you guys!!

Lindsay said...

I understand the feeling...moving is SOOOOO much work. You are fast at takes me months it seems to get fully moved in with pictures on the walls and stuff.

Taylor and Leah Stimmel said...

Its so great to "see" you guys and catch up on whats going on with you. Congrats (I know it really late) on Ryker. Thats really exciting. You guys sound great. How exciting to be settling in to your own place! Great to see you!

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