Saturday, November 14, 2009

So Far Away

We have done so much I don't think I could update it all! I feel so far away from everyone and everything, we don't have internet where we live so I can't get on-line very often and never long enough for me to blog anything! Michael is taking his CA Real Estate test this Tuesday and is taking a crash course today and tomorrow here in San Diego so we're in a hotel with internet access so I'm taking this chance to do a little update, but unfortunately I don't have pictures on our laptop to add to this post.

So this is what has been happening...

Michael is working for Marriott doing time-share sales, and will be making A LOT more commission once he gets his Real Estate license. He was having a bit of a hard time at first but I think he is enjoying his job now.

I have finally been reading the Harry Potter series and am on book 7 and enjoying the read. I got called to be a Relief Society teacher and am a little intimidated since our ward is full of elderly women who I'm sure know way more than I do and are in completely different circumstances than I am but I do my best to relate to them.

Jonah is in Kindergarten and plays soccer with AYSO, he loves soccer and scored 3 goals during his first game! he is getting more independent every day and I need to stop thinking of him as a little boy and more as a older kid.

Ryker is turning 2 tomorrow and is still a handful but is also very funny and sweet! he is talking more but not making sentences or putting words together yet. like a typical 2 year old his favorite word is "NO" He loves holding Evva and giving her kisses and likes to be my helper. He also loves to play with Jonah and our little doggy, Sammy.

Evva is so much fun! She rolled over for the first time on Conference Sunday and has been rolling ever since. She is very good at rolling to things she wants. She is still a very happy baby and likes kisses, tickles, blowing rasberries , and watching her brothers play, no one can get her to laugh as loud as her big brother Jonah! We had her blessing in Bakersfieldwith my and Michael's families in August. In October we got her ears pierced and I think it looks so cute! Now we can definitely tell she is a girl even though she is still mostly bald. She is growing so fast and is catching up in weight to our little Ryker they can wear the same size diapers, Ryker is so skinny and petite, and Evva is a little chunk, she loves to eat!

well that's a general update hopefully we can figure something out for internet where we live or maybe move soon so I can keep updated better!