Friday, October 3, 2008

Big Bend Balloon Bash

The One thing I wanted to do here in Alpine was see the Big Bend Balloon Bash it's once a year and has a bunch of hot-air balloons that come from all over. They even give rides! Well since there's not a lot of activities to do here we went, on the day it was canceled because of bad weather. But lucky for us it was going on all weekend. Unfortunately it rained the next day and the balloons didn't take off. That night at the middle school football field they had a fun little ground show that we only caught the finale of but it was still fun to see all the balloons! The following day it was finally nice and sunny out so I took the kids to see the balloons flying but I was late again and missed it :( A clown was still there doing balloon animals and stuff so at least Jonah and Ryker got a fun balloon toy out of it! If we're still here next Labor Day I'll definitely try to see them again and maybe I can get a ride!!

Here's Michael and Jonah in front of one of the Balloons illuminated by the fire inside it.

Ryker loved his balloon! Jonah had a samurai sword but it popped before I got a picture of him with it, that was just our luck this wekend!


Team Handy said...

Fun! Maybe next year we'll come and vist. I've always wanted to ride in an hot air balloon!

Noelle said...

Ryker is so cute! It's so sad that we don't know each other's second children! I like your Halloween idea for Ryker being Robin. Maybe if you could put an R on the front of his shirt, give him a cape, and if he'd wear a black mask he might look more like him. But try to get a baby to keep the mask on, yah right! I'm sure people will know it's him if Jonas batman. You have to show us pictures of their actual costumes!

Lindsay and Casey said...

so I was wondering if you remember the card came we used to play in Hawaii with Rook cards??? Can you help me out??