Thursday, September 25, 2008


okay so Michael and I were talking about getting a dog and we've been looking at craigslist (for a free one of course!) so we saw an ad for wolfhound puppies and googled the breed: they are huge but cool looking so Michael wanted one and after reading that they are gentle and good with kids I thought it would be fun to have such a big dog. Michael and I both respond to the ad but only I get a response with two phone numbers so I call and the lady agrees to meet me the next day but will call "first thing in the morning" to set a concrete time. That night Michael bought a collar and leash and the next morning I waited for the phone call, but she never called! so I called her, but of course she didn't answer either of the numbers she gave me so I left a message. after a few hours I tried calling again but this time the phone rang and rang but instead of going to to voicemail it just hung up so I think she must of been avoiding my call. What's the deal? Why not just let me know if she doesn't want to give me her dog. AAGGHH!! I know it's not really a big deal but it just really ticks me off that she wouldn't just tell me. Why did she have to be so rude about it all??? anyway I just needed to get out my frustration! if you have time you should google 'Irish wolfhound' they are, maybe a bit ugly, but so huge it's cool!


Team Handy said...

Isn't blogging fun?! By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Noelle said...

I can't stand people like that!! I know exactly what you mean. And don't you feel better for getting it off your chest?