Friday, May 13, 2011


two weeks ago we went camping at the coast to try out our new camping trailer for the first time, we had so much fun! we played in the sand and Jonah played in the waves but it was too cold fro the rest of us as Evva found out when she fell and a wave got her soaked, poor little girl, we spent the rest of the time at the beach on the warm sand running up and down the dunes and Ryker found a cache of sand dollars someone tried to hide in the sand, he was so excited and we ended up taking almost all of them home there must have been about 80 of them green, purple, and white!

Of course during all our adventures my camera was safely stowed away in the truck and no pictures were taken but at the campsite I did manage to take some videos of the kids playing on the playground.

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chloe's clan said...

I forgot to take pics on our big trip this past April/May too. I was bummed on some of that. I have tobe better at pictures. I'm going to look back and say - I know we did a lot more as a fmaily but I dont have proof! LOL