Sunday, November 2, 2008

Technology, friend or foe?

so I haven't scrapbooked for about a year and after unpacking our desk top with all of our pictures on it I decided to organize a file of the ones I wanted to print off to scrapbook. I was almost done and our computer completely stopped working it just wouldn't turn on! we have since bought a new desk top but all of our pictures and files and everything are still on our broken computer so it looks like it will still be a while until I can scrapbook I'm so frustrated!

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Celeste Estes said...

I don't scrapbook, but I understand how you feel about technology. I recently had a laptop stop working on me too, and so I just a couple days ago got up the courage to install my camera program onto my computer so I could have pictures again. It's been a big hassle, but I really wanted to have pictures to put on the blog I just started up...;