Thursday, September 18, 2008


So Jonah's 1st day of school was pretty exciting for all of us. He wasn't nervous until we were walking to the school entrance and he asked me if I could stay just for that day until he got "used to it" I only stayed a few minutes but all day I was anxious to talk to him about how his first day was. but when I picked him up all he told me was that it was "bad". "Uh-oh" I thought, "he's never going to want to go to school again!" but it was only bad because he could only play on one playground during recess b/c the other playground was for older kids. So if that's the only "bad" thing about school I think it will be okay! Jonah's still excited about school and even said he's making new friends, Yay! oh Ryker was excited for Jonah too (look at his excitement in the photo!)


Kurtis, Noelle, Drew, and Brody said...

That's SO funny! We miss Jonah!! I'm so glad you're blogging. I feel closer to everyone when I blog no matter how far away they are.

Lindsay and Casey said...

your boys are SOO cute. I can't believe how big Jonah is...that is CRAZY! Blogging's fun...but I do get burned out sometimes and just don't post forever...but I'm glad you have joined the force;)

Kelsey said...

Hey! I found your blog off of facebook. I bet you didn't know I had one. :) Glad to see you now do so we can keep in touch. Hope you're doing well.