Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time goes by way too fast!

I have been so busy lately that I absolutely forgot all about my blog I just remembered it a few days ago so now I have the big task of updating it! SO I think I'll put some pictures up of what we've been doing and if anyone even looks at this anymore hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Jonah has become quite the cowboy! He rides our pony, Joy, every chance he gets! here he is on Joy with Joy's baby (Zion) following behind them!

here we are at our new favorite beach it was so fun! we even saw two seals swimming in the shallow waves!

I took the kids to a little zoo where we live

here we are camping on Labor Day weekend the kids had fun and got filthy! but it was such a good trip! Our new dog Amber had fun too! She got cold so Ryker gave her his hat and jacket :)

Kami enjoyed our little hike, it was so pretty!

Jonah's school went on a field trip and learned about insects, part of the day was spent catching water bugs and identifying them the kids loved it! Even Ryker and Evva joined in the fun!

Halloween brought much excitement as we prepared the kids costumes. Jonah was so excited to be Harry Potter, Ryker changed his mind at the last minute and wore Jonah's old Batman costume but he was happy so that's all that matters, Evva's costume I bought last year, she wasn't very excited when I said she was going to be a witch but then she saw the black and orange tutu and thought it was like a princess so she was a princess witch :) Kami was a little kitty cuddling with Papa!

Mostly we have been busy renovating and moving. We now have 5 acres of land, one horse, two ponies, a dog, a cat, a dirt hole to dig in, Grandpa and Grandma Rasmussen, aunts and uncles, and a ton of cousins to play with... the kids are in heaven! of course we still have a lot to do before our house is finished but it is nice to have it be our own!

Ryker turned 4 on November 15th, we frosted sugar cookies and had a Lightning McQueen cake and enjoyed the day with family, we are so blessed to have our family so close both on my side and Michaels!

During Thanksgiving we had our annual Rasmussen Reunion with lots of fun activities on the farm such as a tug of war, three legged race, sheep riding, horse drawn carriage rides, and more!

And here is just a cute picture of my little baby Kamorah she is getting so big and I love her brown hair and blue eyes!

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