Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Evva has been getting into everything lately, the pantry, the cat food, my makeup, her own diapers, the list goes on... I think I'm slacking a little on watching her all the time and I forget to make sure our bedroom door is closed so she stays out of A. my makeup and B. the toilet (we've gone through more toilet paper in the last 2 months than we do in like 6 months thanks to Evva flushing it all). Anyway the other day while I was cleaning up the kitchen and lost track of time, I realized it'd been a while since I'd seen or heard Evva so I went looking for her and found her in my bedroom like this

She had lipstick all over her, the cupboards, the wall and some of our clothes in the laundry basket I was pretty upset with her since she know she shouldn't be in there but I managed to take a picture of her since I also have pictures of Jonah and Ryker with my makeup all over them.

Jonah with Mascara

Ryker with lipstick

The funny thing is I think they're all at about the same age when they did this! and can you tell they're related? they're like little clones of each other!


The Olsen Family said...

lol, I'm sorry, but the picture is adorable. They are so cute. They do look a TON alike. :)

Three Little Boys and Two Little Girl said...

I think all kids have to play in make up at some point in life. They do look like little clones of each other.