Monday, April 27, 2009

Playing Catch-up

I have been awful at keeping my blog up-to-date so here's a bunch of stuff that we have been up to (except all the things we've done that I forgot to bring along my camera).

EASTER!! On Easter morning the boys woke up and Ryker quickly found the goodies on the table! He is my little piggy, he's constantly eating! He loved the jelly beans in the eggs and his noddle nest they were in. Jonah liked his chocolate bunny and hunting for eggs. He had a blast coloring eggs too!

After church, which was cut short due to a wild fire that started across the street from the church and filled the building with smoke! We had a delicious ham dinner with Michael's brother Clay and his family then we colored eggs and let the kids hunt for them! Ryker was way excited about the one egg he found!
Michael is always drawing on Jonah, or whoever is nearby when he has a pen. Here is what Jonah and Ryker will look when they grow facial hair! Pretty cute!

We have also been busy working on our garden. Since we live in an apartment we have our garden at Clay and Amy's house. Michael had the idea to "go green" and use old tires from the community as planters for our garden. It is looking good so far and I'm excited to have fresh herbs and veggies!

Clay and Amy have a horse so after working on the garden Michael took Ryker for a ride, which he loved then Jonah got to ride the horse all by himself like a true cowboy!

Jonah even knows the lingo, he kept saying "Giddy up horsy" and "yeehaw" He did a good job steering the horse and making him stop so I could get a picture of him!

And finally here is a picture of me at 81/2 months pregnant. Okay mom, now you can see that my stomach is getting bigger!


The Waldon Family said...

Laura, you look great! ...and it looks like your family has been having lots of fun, love it!

The Reynolds said...

Oh my gosh!! You are SO cute pregnant!! Your boys are getting SO big and I love the facial hair. That's a cool idea to plant your garden in tires. We should've done that instead of rolling them down a hill and lighting them on fire! I can't wait for that little girl to come!! Having three is a lot like having two. For me, if you've gone from 1 to 2 kids going from 2 to 3 isn't that bad! You're such a good mom Laura you'll do great!

The Lamb Family said...

What a fun Easter you guys had!

You are looking smokin' hot mama for a 8 1/2 months along. Good luck with everything and I'm so excited for your first girl to come!

Planting your garden in tires? I've never heard of that, but that is such a clever idea! I hope you guys get lots of herbs!

we miss you guys! Come back soon!

Kelsey said...

Your boys look cute with a little facial hair. :) Is that Michael's drawing on your hand too? You look really great pregnant. I almost bought that maternity dress when I was pregnant with my Michael. I love how you have a horse near by that your kids can ride. So much fun! It's funny about the tires. Joe just suggested to me the other day about planting in some. I'm not too keen on the idea. But growing fresh herbs and veggies are awesome!

chloe's clan said...

Laura, you look so pretty! Josh and I are supposed to start our garden this summer but with getting the landscaping in first we may have to wait till next year. It will be our first garden together! You guys seem to do a great job at it so if I have questions, I'll just ask you guys. LOL Take care.