Thursday, February 19, 2009

The kiddos!

I thought I would do a post about each of the kids and give a little update for them.

Jonah was going to pre-school but we recently pulled him out since he said he never learned anything and he would frequently ask to stay home. He even lost some knowledge he had such as the ABC's I asked him to recite them for me and he kept getting mixed up and would only get about half way through then start over again so I decided it would be better to continue doing home school. He is however continuing to go to the elementary school once a week for speech and he has improved quite a bit I'm looking forward to his continued progress so eventually we won't have anymore melt downs because Mom and Dad don't understand what he's talking about. He is full of energy still, and loves to be out side. He has a very active imagination and pretends that he can turn into just about everything. His favorite things to pretend to be are a wolf, fox (like Robin Hood), Indian, cowboy (he says when he turns 8 he will quit school and work as a cowboy and live in the desert), a Jedi (from Star Wars), and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty because he kills the dragon. He is so funny and loves to make people laugh. He is a good big brother and tries to get Ryker to be like him.

Ryker is our sweet heart. He loves to cuddle I nick named him "bug" because he is our cuddle bug and because he is our stink bug too! He poops in the tub almost every time we put him in and on the occasion that he doesn't, he makes up for it by pooping as soon as he's out whether we've got a diaper on him or not, but he always tells us by running and pointing at the spot where the poopy is, I hope this means he'll be easy to potty train! He is 15 months old now and still has never said "Mama" but he does say 'Dada', 'juice', 'that', 'done', 'ball', 'baa' (for bath) and sometimes he says 'eat' and 'yes'. He is hooked on his pacifier and the bottle but yesterday I went cold turkey and only gave him sippy cups he doesn't drink as much which means fewer wet diapers but he's handling the adjustment better than I thought he would. I may let him keep his pacifier just a little while longer I didn't want to take both away at the same time. Ryker loves music and likes to dance whenever he hears it. When we're at the store or if I'm practicing the piano, or if a commercial is on TV with music I can always catch him bobbing his head along.

I also wanted to include a little something about our new baby. we have had two ultrasounds during the second trimester and both times we have been told that it looks like a girl but that it's not as clear as the ultrasound technician would like it so he wouldn't tell us that it is definitely a girl but he did say that if it was a boy there should be something else that he's just not seeing so I'm pretty confident that it is a girl. during our last ultrasound on Feb. 9th the baby was breech so that's what made it harder to see the tell tell parts. Since learning that I have actually had dreams where I have to have an emergency c-section because the baby is breech and won't turn. I didn't think I would be so worried about it but I guess subconsciously I am. I also feel like the baby is a girl because I was more sick with this one than with my boys and I feel like I'm carrying so low Jonah and Ryker were up higher like a big ball right out in front of me. but all of the kicks I feel with this one are at my belly-button or lower. I also really really really want a little girl!!! our ultrasound appointments give us the whole thing recorded on a disc but don't give any still pictures or print outs so until I figure out how to make some stills from the disc or shorten the long version to something more reasonable I don't think I'll be putting any pics of the baby before she's born. but I did have Michael take a few of me today since today marks 6 months so you can at least see the baby bump.


Susie said...

look at you and your cute belly!

Three Little Boys and One Little Girl said...

You had better have a girl I have started buying things for her. I am so excited for you guys. Good luck I know the next couple of months are going to fly for you. Love you,

chloe's clan said...

Laura you look great. Never would guess you are on baby #3. :) It would be really fun for you to have a girl. I love the clothes. :) Hannah's pretty great too. I am 25 weeks today and I have pretty funky ideas/dreams about what may or may not happen birth wise. I guess prego ladies can be a little loopy. :) Oh well. LOL take care.

Patrick and Crystal said...

You look so cute! My baby was also breech until just recently. I worried about it all the time too, but found a lot of different things you can do to try to turn the baby if she's still breech by 32 weeks. Also, contrary to popular belief, you don't HAVE to have a C-section if you have a breech baby; you just have to find a doctor willing to deliver that way. I did a bunch of research when I thought that was a possibility for us, and it's really only a 3-4% chance she'll stay that way. so don't worry!

Megan said...

Jonah looks so big!! it's so funny how fast they grow!! ryker is so cute! he's a mini-jonah! i can't wait to see pictures of your new baby!