Thursday, January 22, 2009

A new home, again!


We were able to get into student housing for this semester and have been busy moving the last few weeks. it's really nice to be out of the trailer and have a playground right outside but it's definitely not like TVA! There are cigarette butts on the ground and I still have not seen one of our neighbors and we've lived here for a week! Every time I go out to play with my kids I'm the only one out there and people I do see when I go for walks are not that friendly. oh-well I'm glad we can save some money and have all our utilities included in rent, that means we can crank up the heat or at least have it on constantly since they have it set to only go up to 75 which we still think is a little cold, pathetic right, I know we're wusses when it comes to cold weather! anyway here are some pictures of our new place.

Our carpet already has stains on it!

This is our living room complete with university couches that are not comfortable! Remind anyone of the old TVA couches?

This is the other hal fof our living room it's a little crowded but it will do and it will be better when we finish unpacking all the boxes!

Here is our Kitchen with only 2 drawers, and they're little too! I stil;l haven't figured out a good place to keep my hot pads and bibs! at least there's no cockroaches!

Christmas- Finally!

Here are some pictures of our family's Christmas festivities:

The first picture is at Clay and Amy's house for Christmas lunch/dinner on Christmas day. We had way too much food!

On Christmas eve we made ginger bread (graham cracker) houses Jonah made a train with lots of help from Dad!

later on Christmas eve the kids put on the Nativity show Jonah was a wise man, so cute!

Here is Ryker on Christmas morning

Here are the boys Christmas morning, after opening some presents, I almost forgot to take pictures!

This picture was at our old ward's (in San Antonio) christmas Party we were in town to go to the temple and dropped in to see Santa. Obviously Ryker was not interested at all! and Jonah was trying to convince Santa that he needed a real motorcycle that went really fast! I really thought Ryker would be fine but hey, I'm just his mom what do I know?